a very naughty boy

I – a former, obsessive Oasis fan – had planned on calling
this article ‘That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore’. Then it was going
to be ‘The Messiah Complex’.very

As Beady Eye released their second album last month,
Liam Gallagher did what he does – dubbed new record ‘Be’
“fucking mega” (it’s not), damned the state of modern
rock’n’roll (fair point, Liam), played ignorant to anything that’s
not within his immediate social sphere, had a dig at brother
Noel, sang out of his chin, waddled around, kept Wrigley’s
gum in business for another decade and shat on every swear
box in the country.

Death, taxes and Liam Gallagher: life’s
three great certainties. He’d take that as a compliment, no

I’ve always thought it must be a drain, to be so constantly
in character. Maybe Liam takes time off in the shower, or on
the toilet. Maybe he takes off his sunglasses then.

Liam’s commitment to the role of deluded rock star has in
the past been as entertaining as it is today strangely
admirable. He still believes, even if I don’t.

I’ve no doubt that it is an act, perhaps not overtly so, more like how you hold your Fs and Us around your partner’s parents, only for Liam
he doubles them, ramped up to a predictable caricature.

It feels like a tired stand-up routine full of all the jokes you’ve
already heard. Liam Gallagher doesn’t give a fuck? Yeah, I

He’s the only one doing it too, ardently refusing to mellow
or even allow himself to have a good time.

For all his talk of“Oasis was what it was, but it’s over and now I’m doing this and it’s fucking mega,” he seems incapable of moving on, or
even attempting a new haircut.

How could someone so obsessed with John Lennon be so stagnant? The answer to that isn’t just in Liam’s limited musicality, no matter what
“Shake my tree / Where’s the apple for me” suggests.

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