Alex G Beach Music

Alex G Beach Music

‘Beach Music’ is Alexander Giannascoli’s seventh album release. He’s only 22 – an age that most people struggle to put together seven demos by.

This impressively prolific bedroom troubadour has hit the indie big time this year, with this latest record his first for Domino.

Not unexpectedly, ‘Beach Music’ gives off a strong DIY vibe; the sound of a guy holed up in his apartment, where, indeed, this album was recorded.

The oft-reeledout Elliot Smith comparison seems justified on tracks like ‘Thorns’, too, with its muted melodies and fragile vocals.

Alex G Beach Music Yet this is a musically diverse collection of songs – on ‘Look Out’,

Giannascoli conjures a shimmering, sparkling soundscape that sadly
lasts less than two minutes,

Alex G Beach Music which segues straight into the simple melodic indie-pop of ‘Brite Boy’.

There is a seam of quality that runs all the way through this record, and Alex G is a young guy whose talent does in fact match his work rate and
eagerness to share his music.

No doubt we can expect his eighth album by the time we’ve had breakfast.

“At the time, in ’92, Bret needed to take a break from things for a while and that’s about when I started with other projects like Dub Narcotic Sound
System and the Halo Benders thing,” says Johnson.

“So I was doing other things and they were doing other things and we still are.

I guess there was an idea of getting back together but it just never happened.

People were getting on with other things.

“It wasn’t a conscious decision, you know? The conscious decision was, let’s take a break for a while. And then it just never really stopped.

People have lives and things, they raise children, take pictures… Life can be so distracting.

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