Every year, the Royal Varuna Yacht Club hosts the Interschool Team Sailing Championship.

The purpose of the Interschool Team Sailing
Championship is to promote a friendly and civilised rivalry
across international schools in Thailand,CHAMPIONS which develops esprit de corps inside the constituent teams.
After a season with limited training, this was an event that
we were just happy to have the opportunity to sail in. Such
low expectations were fully confirmed in the first race of the
round robin, where all three of Bangkok Prep’s boats beat all
three of our boats. Or, put another way: their slowest boat
was faster than our fastest boat. Let that sink in…

However, from adversity it sometimes happens that good
emerges. After a round robin, Patana surprised many finishing
in second place and secured a playoff race against the third
placed team to see who would compete in the final against a
strong Bangkok Prep team.

Many people will underestimate
how grueling this was, but the round-robins were 20 races
spread over 12 hours, taking two days,CHAMPIONS and all the kids who
crawled on the shore after their races were completely spent.
They had given their all both physically and mentally for the
school. This was turning into a sheer test of endurance and

After a narrow victory over Shrewsbury in the Semi Final
playoff race, Patana walked on to the beach to pick up their
boats and face a Bangkok Prep team that had won all four of
their previous encounters.

This was going to be a real test of
character! The first race was miraculous: the Tigers beating the
Bulldogs with a 1, 2 3 placing and a clean sweep. It is hard
to explain how it happened, the most reasonable explanation
being that fighting hard for the right to challenge Bangkok
Prep had hardened Patana. What we knew for sure was that
Bangkok Prep would come back with a vengeance: This was
a best-of-three series, so the first victory meant nothing, all
was still to be played for.


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