A fter nearly five decades of inspiring thousands of design-minded

visitors and launching the careers of hundreds of designers,

not to mention raising millions of dollars for underserved children in New York, the famed Kips Bay Show House is coming to Dallas this year.

The Show House, as always, will support Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club along with two local nonprofits benefiting children: Dwell with Dignity and Crystal Charity Ball.

“We have such a vibrant design center and community that Dallas was the perfect place for Kips Bay to expand outside of New York and, lately, Palm, Beach,” says Jan Showers.

The decision was made October 2019, and at that time the Kips Bay Corporation enlisted Jan Showers

and Christopher Peacock as cochairs of the event; Dallas designers Chad Dorsey and Jean Liu are vice chairs.

“It is a game changer for Dallas because an event of this caliber and complexity needs a structure involving national sponsors and a team of facilitators to make everything come together,” says Showers.

“Those of us who live here know the exceptional caliber of art and design; now Dallas will be recognized on a national level for being a center of design,” says Jean Liu.

The idea is daunting: find a suitable house to be a showcase to hundreds of visitors for a month,

find designers who each may spend $100,000 and countless hours of their time, and count on the help and contributions of local showrooms and artisans.

After considering hundreds of properties to find the one that would fit the unusual needs of a monthlong show house,

had owners who were willing to disrupt their own lives and most importantly,

is a beautiful classic residence that would be worthy of the donation of a major design overhaul, the committee finally found the perfect home in May.

The house at 5828 Woodland Drive was built in 2003 but evokes a centuries-old ivy-covered French chateau

and will be the perfect venue to showcase the best in design and decoration.

“The process of choosing designers was very labor intensive,” says Jan.

“We had over 100 submissions, each of which submitted 12 images, and we narrowed the list down to 27.

I personally spent four entire days looking at each designer’s submission as well as studying their websites and portfolios.”

About one third of the selected designers are from Dallas with others from Houston, Austin, San Antonio,

Oklahoma City, California, and New York. The design talent in this home will be extraordinary.

Chad Dorsey says, “Working on this first Kips Bay Show House is such an honor,

and bringing designers from around the country will be a great experience in a year we’re all looking for new inspiration and excitement.”

The much-anticipated event will be open to the public from September 25 to October 25,

at which point each designer must remove all improvements and take the walls back to white if that’s the owner’s preference.

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