Danielle Georgiou Dance Group performs ensemble-based, experimental dance theater.

Over the past seven years, Georgiou’s innovative work has earned her critical accolades and a devoted audience.

While Georgiou’s background is in dance, her performers include musicians, actors, and singers, as well as dancers. She says,

“They want to do something out of the box and are willing to experiment and contribute.

Our work is truly collaborative.” Georgiou’s choreography is dependent upon buy-in from her cast.

Working from a roster of 15 to 20 performers, she will invite any number of them to participate, depending on the project.

After presenting her concept, she asks them, “What do you want to add?”

This successful formula includes training within the disciplines, making the work a cohesive whole.

Inherent in the process is a degree of trust. Georgiou says, “We build a family environment with the company that allows us to do this type of work.”

Georgiou met partner and co-producer Justin Locklear after her first season. “When we met, we immediately started working together.

He is my constant editor and my conscience,” she says. She credits Locklear with developing the text-based work.

In December, Georgiou will be the choreographer for Stage West’s regional premiere of Everybody.

Inspired by 15th-century morality plays, the work changes nightly as each performance includes a lottery, wherein one cast member is selected to represent Everybody facing the journey at the end of life.

This dynamic presentation plays to Georgiou’s strengths.

In her own work, she says, “I want to present performances that make people think.

I want it to start a conversation.” Dallas native Georgiou is a first-generation Cypriot-American.

Though she grew up ensconced within this small community

and was raised biculturally, she offers that she never really fit into either culture.

“Underlying most of my work is trying to find my identity,” she says.

With support from the Office of Cultural Affairs, DGDG has found a place within the local cultural landscape. “I love making work in Dallas.

This is my home and my creative home,” offers Georgiou. And the city is richer for her visionary contributions.

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