Going Mobile

Going Mobile

One of the fastest-moving developments in gaming is the use of mobile devices. Agilysys addresses this phenomenon in two ways.

“There are guest-facing and staff-facing solutions to this issue,” he says. “Let’s talk about staff-facing first.

We’ve taken our entire InfoGenesis point-of-sale solution and we’ve made it available on either an eightinch or a 10-inch tablet.

One of the things that we’ve seen with several of our customers is that with the eight-inch device, as you walk around and bring the point of service to the guest at the point of need, you get a revenue bump.

We’ve had a couple of clients that have used them around pools this past year, and you’ve seen revenue bumps in the 60 percent to 70 percent range.

That is a huge advantage, but it did come with some operational challenges.

“Especially here in Vegas, you’ve got a heat problem in the summer, and it was hard to keep the devices cool and usable.

We’ve even had one client keep the darn things in the refrigerator; but it worked.

And the sunglasses the staff wore are polarized, so if you’ve got a wait staff wearing polarized glasses, they don’t see the screen as well.

So, polarized lenses were out.

There were a couple of minor operational changes, but the payoff has been huge.”

For the guest-facing applications, there are other operational challenges: bring your own device or use a device provided by the hotel.

“On the other side, we have come out with some guest-facing kiosk solutions,” Walker explains.

“They’re in the food services management part of our business today, but they’re going to be coming into the gaming part of our business sometime this year, where the guest can self-serve.

The guest places an order; the order fires off to the kitchen. If you’re in the buffet and you’ve checked yourself in, this allows the guest to provide their own point of service.”

 Unfortunately, it gets even more complicated when it comes to guests using their own devices.

“There’s no way we could possibly ever bring enough applications to meet the needs of our customers,” he says.

“So, our job, as we see it, is provide the integration points for our customers to be able to integrate those solutions into our systems

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