There’s a new poker table game in town called Chase the Flush and players will notice it resembles both High Card Flush and Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

It’s a combo deal. It’s also a game played with a standard English deck of 52 cards but no Joker or Wild Cards.

And, like most poker games these days, it takes two mandatory bets to play.

After players get chips, they are required to bet on the Ante spot and the adjacent X-Tra bonus spot in equal amounts.

Players may also wager on the Same Suit Bonus side wager, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

After all wagers are placed, the players and the dealer each receive three cards.

Only the players look at their cards, the dealer is in it until the end and players compete to beat the dealer’s best flush hand with their three cards and the four community cards that follow.

Everyone uses all seven cards to make their best flush hand.

The dealer must make at least a 3-card flush of 9-high to qualify.

After seeing their three cards, players have the option to check or wager 3x their Ante bet in the All in spot.

Then the dealer turns over two of the community cards and asks the players how they wish to proceed.

If they haven’t already bet on the All in spot, they now may check, or wager 2x their Ante bet on the All in spot.

Finally, the dealer turns over the remaining two community cards.

Now the players who have not wagered on the All in spot must fold or bet 1x their Ante wager.

Then, the dealer exposes their own three cards and announces their best flush hand.

How to Win at Chase the Flush

Players must beat the dealer’s flush hand to win but, again, the dealer must qualify.

If the dealer does not qualify, the Ante bet is a push.

If the dealer does qualify, the player wins if their flush is more cards (such as 5-cards over 4-cards) than the dealer’s.

If the dealer and player hold the same number of flush cards (such as 3-cards each), then the highest card will win.

When the player has the higher flush hand, they win the Ante and All in bets – even money.

The X-Tra Bonus wager is a tie un less the player has at least a 4-card flush.

Then payments are based on the payout chart.

When the player and dealer tie (such as 3-card flushes running K-8-4 each), all three wagers push.

When the dealer has the better flush hand, the player loses the Ante, All in and X-Tra bets.

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