James Corden

Not everything Party Wolf says is completely true, but this is: A
friend of mine went to see James Corden’s woeful World Cup TV
show be filmed.

He even managed to get into the green room afterwards where its huggable host was being hilarious after filming had finished.

There, two young fans (seriously, they liked him) asked for a picture with their brilliant hero, to which Jimmy boomed, James

“I’ve just finished work! Why would I want my picture taken?!” He then bit one of their fingers off and inhaled a Death By Chocolate.

Although hard to actually like anyone in the entire film, The Social Network has to be the slickest piece of cinema in a long time.

It’s David Fincher back to his best and Aaron Sorkin firing on all cylinders – a joy to watch considering all we’re talking about is an intelligent twenty something behaving like a spoilt brat for two hours.

Jesse Eisenberg is astonishing as Mark Zuckerberg, managing to be a frustrating plonker who you genuinely care about and even Justin
Timberlake comes out looking sharp,

although his performance isn’t quite worthy of the glowing praise
banded about in the aftermath of its release.

No other film captured 2010 quite like this.

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