Launching the Maritime

Launching the Maritime

Education Initiative, Part II

Eternal God, Creator of the sea and Protector of those who sail upon it, we remember today the generations of those whose strength,

courage and wisdom made our city a great port and our nation a great nation.

We give You thanks for the curiosity which has always led people to leave the familiar surroundings of their youth for parts unknown,

and we thank You for the testimony they have left behind in story arid song, in artifact and legend.

Bind us to those brave spirits of ages past, that they may instruct and guide us in the adventurous journeys we must make in our own age.

May we grow in understanding and respect for them and their descendants of all nations,

that this ever-smaller world may become a world of peace and justice for all people.

Bless this Society and its Mari time Education Initiative, bless us and all who travel on landorseaorair, and us to the purposes for which you have called us.

Amen. Rev. Whittemore retired from service effective 1 October.

He remains a member of the Maritime Education Initiative,

in which his role has been to lift our eyes to wider horizons, and encourage us to get deeper into the work at hand Rev.

James Whittemore stands before a portrait ofRev.

ArchibaldMansfield,anearlierdirector of the Seamen’s Church Institute wholed the fight to break the ring of crimps who preyed on seamen in the early years of this century This past summer,

pursuing the goals of the Maritime Education Initiative, the National Maritime Historical Society joined New York State’s Imagination Celebration,

the Kennedy Center’s statewide arts-in-education program, to sponsor “Scholarships at Sea.”

This gave three students and their teachers a unique opportunity to go to sea aboard the square riggers “HMS” Rose and USCG Eagle.

Dr. Kathy Abbass, NMHS’s volunteer Curator-at-Large, worked with Dr.

Stephen Partisano, then Director of New York’s Imagination Celebration, to arrange for two students,

Nicole Scott of Spring Valley and Jonathan Pappas of North Massapequa,

and two teachers, Leonard London and Arlene Rhodes, to join Captain David Wood

and Maritime Education Initiative Chairman Walter Cronkite aboard the Eagle for her passage from New York to Boston, July 7- 11.

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