Let’s Talk about Sex!

Let’s Talk about Sex!

You have to ask, after Salt & Pepper finished demanding that we “talk about sex, baby” which road did that conversation take?

The sickening “when a man and woman wuv each other wevy, wevy much” shit-scared parent routine? The fear mongering

“one kid did it for fifteen seconds and his scrotum fell off” Christian/PSE teacher fave? Or perhaps the honest warts-n-all (excuse the rank pun) direction about how,

if you’re lucky enough to find someone who will ‘do you’, don’t expect it to be like it is in the movies, not even the messy blue ones.

For Andrew Auld and James Hines the birds and the bees chat must have come in the form of the latter.

Last October they christened their DIY 7” label Sex Is Disgusting (too right, boys) and promptly began releasing guitar bands to be enjoyed equally as much with your pants on as off.

Following January’s Human Hair limited single – a release of heavy, slow guitar churns and John Richmond barks – they’ve recently supported bluesy Manchester trio Mazes by putting out ‘Bowies Knives’,

Let’s Talk about Sex! a song mixed through a Sony TV. “It’s not a business,” they say “just an expensive hobby”,

Let’s Talk about Sex! and one that’s bankrolled by student loans and a passion for UK garage bands.

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