Love thy neighbour

Love thy neighbour

The Royal Academy of the Arts was founded in 1768 with the mission of
promoting artists, both emerging and established, through a programme of
education and exhibition.

According to its founding document, it was to achieve this through “the establishment of a sound system of expert judgement in the arts and to arrange the exhibition of contemporary works of art attaining an appropriate standard of excellence.”

Although commissioned by George III, it was entirely independently funded, and to this day its famously open-to-all Summer Exhibition will receive and review submissions from anyone, Love thy neighbour regardless of training or stature.

Search online for the Royal Academy by its common abbreviation of RA, though, and a different organisation is now top hit – one far younger, Love thy neighbour sure, but like the Royal Academy,

one that’s also self-funded and dedicated to openness, independence and the exposure of forward-thinking artistic endeavour.

That organisation is Resident Advisor, founded in 2001 by a couple of clubbers from Sydney, Nick Sabine and Paul Clement, to document the news
and views of their local dance music scene.

Since getting it going with the equivalent of £300 thirteen years ago, Sabine and Clement have slowly grown their site to become a global hub for all things electronic music, with offices in London, Berlin, Tokyo and Ibiza.

It caters for 2.3 million readers a month and runs the ticketing for 10,000 club nights a year.

The chances are if you’ve been clubbing in the last five years, RA has had a man down there,

sold you your ticket and written pieces about every DJ on the bill.

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