Falling in love with books at a very young age, Melissa Murrell enjoyed everything about them.

Whether it was creating stories from her imagination, or drawing pictures to accompany her tales, this growing passion was nurtured by her eldest sister.

Merging her passions for storytelling with volunteering abroad, in 2014, Melissa founded Creative Tales, a project piloted in Ruiru,

Kenya, to inspire young people to use their creative abilities to communicate through writing.

Creative Tales started as an idea, evolving into an urge. “All of a sudden, I wanted to go wide and far, travel to different countries, and share the love that I have for creating stories.

Not only is there a need for it in countries such as Kenya, but children much closer to home (in London)

MELISSA MURRELL need to have that love for reading and writing instilled in them,” she says. With 5% of adults in the UK having literacy levels below those expected of an 11-year-old,

Melissa recognises the importance of cultivating storytelling from a young age.

“It develops knowledge and inquisitive creativity, and I wanted this project to hone that.”

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