If you’ve been tuned in to KXT 91.7

in the last year or so there’s a better-than-good chance that MOTORCADE has already driven its way into your consciousness.

The Dallas band has been in serious rotation since their first single, Recover, slipped into the hands and heart of Gini Mascorro, the station’s resident ’80s-era Anglophile.

It was love at first hear. With echoes of early MTV staples like New Order, Depeche Mode, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and others, MOTORCADE’s self-titled first album

(Idol Records) is an 11-song collection of original earworms that transports listeners to another time and place, a distillation that’s strangely familiar yet shining new.

MOTORCADE, comprised of bassist John Dufilho, James Henderson, guitar and keyboards, singer Andrew Huffstetler, and Jeff Ryan, drums, is something of a lowercase s supergroup:

the quartet’s collective CV reads like a who’s who of local noteworthies, including Baboon, The Deathray Davies, The Baptist Generals, and St.

Vincent, to name-drop a few. James Henderson is the primary songwriter, but all contribute ideas, lyrics, and the occasional middle eight.

Henderson cut his teeth on early MTV, admitting, “That was totally my wheelhouse. I just loved that style, the atmosphere that all those people achieved on their recordings.

 Those records are evocative, they put images in your head, and I just wanted to produce something like that.”

MTV-weaned drummer Jeff Ryan enthuses, “This was a really fun record to make—it’s just right up my alley.”

This year has been a great one for the group, with national airplay and national acclaim.

At 2018’s South by Southwest, Chicago critic heavyweights Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis happened upon the band’s showcase and promptly flipped.

Kot named the album one of his top picks of the year, and both critics crowed on Sound Opinions, their syndicated NPR show.

John Dufilho adds, “I guess we did something right at SXSW because they’ve been talking us up since then; it’s been a good thing.”

And get your New Year in gear with MOTORCADE, The Tomorrowpeople,

and Cryptolog in concert at the Kessler Theater on January 5, a KXT Local Show event.

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