Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

It would appear Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band are having a bit of
an identity crisis. ‘Who’s Asking’,

which kicks off this self-titled debut, sees the Washington band
combining the celestial-pervert voice’ of MGMT’s Andrew

VanWyngarden with the upbeat sound of Mystery Jets. The band
then jump around the musical chess board from Kooks-style
indie-pop (‘Masquerade’)

to the over-indulgent masturbatory rock championed by Wolfmother
(‘Little Red Shoes’ and ‘Albatross Albatross Albatross’).

By trying their hand at a variety of genres and trends, Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band present an album that lacks any character or sense of self.

Without being able to make a lasting impression, they fail to stand out from a large and growing crowd.

Lars Ulrich, your short rump is on the list, directly beneath Newcastle and one space above female singer/songwriters (“They’re all so boring,” says Max

“and the thing is that they think they’re quirky, but they’re not, because they’re all quirky”), all in need of the emotional yet heavy new sound of Video Nasties.

Lad-Rockers would be on there too if they weren’t already dead in the water (“It can be hard to make guitars sound interesting,” says James “because these lad rock bands are definitely having trouble with

Hammering chords to make them sound different is hard to do”), which is where Video Nasties halt their irks, even if they do struggle to list what they favour in the current musical climate.

“We’re feeling slightly bleak about [current music],” confesses James. “We’ve been thinking about putting on a gig and thinking about what bands could headline above us and what bands could support us, and we’re
drawing a blank.”

“There’s a struggle for British bands at the moment,” winces an agreeing Max. “I mean, I think the best music is coming out of America at the moment.

I hate to say it but it is.” Harry: “It feels like in a year or two there
could be a wave of angry, disillusioned groups but it hasn’t really happened yet.

Everyone’s saying that British music is shit, and it is, so what would be a great thing this year is if we break through into the right peoples’ heads that want to be in bands.

That’s the best type of band to be.”

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