Whilst most Christian leaders only allow services and special events to take place on their church premises,

Pastor Alex Gyasi has gone one step further, and has allowed his church, the Highway of Holiness,

in Tottenham, north London, to double up as a shelter for the homeless.

Forthe past five years,the Highway of Holiness has provided shelter for 600 people,representing 50 nationalities.

Not only does the church provide spiritual support andpastoral care to thehomeless that pass through their doors,

PASTOR ALEX GYASI they also help them apply forjobs and benefits using the church address, and provide food,

internet access, shower facilities and GP referrals. Pastor Gyasi says he was inspired by God to start working with the homeless.

He recalled, “When our evangelism team went out one Saturday afternoon, my wife came across two homeless men and directed them to our church for help.

They came, and we began to help them with a daily meal and then with an opportunity to shower,when we later converted one of our toilets into a shower.”

He continued, “One day,there were 13 of them eating, and one came to me – very suicidal

saying that he wanted to kill himself due to so many things that were going on in his life at the time.

The Holy Spirit told me that if I let him go I wouldnot seehimagain!Itwas since that moment I realised I was called to work with the homeless.”

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