I’m not sure who cooked up Player’s Edge 21, but it’s a great Blackjack variant. And, you don’t have to make a bunch of side bets because they are lovingly baked into the game.

Like Spanish 21, the four ten cards are scratched from the recipe. So, you won’t be playing with a full deck. But don’t worry, the house edge is super low.

One exceptional option is double down at any time with any number of cards. Even after splitting, after doubling, and with split Aces. That means if you double down with Ace-five against a dealer’s up-card 6 and draw an Ace, you can double down again, and you should. On bad hands, you can take advantage of double down rescue and surrender. It costs you half your bet which is the pits, but sometimes it’s a gift, not a punishment.

Player’s Edge 21 Bonuses

The bonuses at Player’s Edge are free, like getting paid 3 for 2 on every Blackjack, even if the dealer has one! And every 21 is a guaranteed winner.

If you make a three or four card 21, you win even money. Any five card 21 pays 3 for 2. A six card 21 pays 2 for 1, and a seven card (or higher) 21 pays 3 for 1. Bonuses don’t apply on double downs.

Other bonuses include 6-7-8 of mixed suits and 7-7-7 of mixed suits for a 3 for 2 payoffs. When suited you win twice your bet. All Diamonds pay 3 for 1. A suited 7-7-7 with a dealer up-card 7 pays $1000; $5000 if your original bet is $25 or more. If you are dealt two matching face cards (Jack of Spades and Jack of Spades, etc.), you are an automatic winner, even if the dealer has a Blackjack. I don’t approve of insurance most of the time, but you can win 2 for 1 if the dealer’s Blackjack is unsuited and 5 for 1 if their Blackjack is suited.


For best results, follow Basic Strategy but vary when you can win more money. For instance, when the dealer shows a 6, you should double down on any two-card hand of 5 through 11. The dealer is likely to bust, and you can double down again after the dealer delivers your next card if you still have 11 or under, or soft 13 to 18.

If you start with a hard 11 and get a 10, you’ve got a guaranteed winner. Or, you can try to make a five-card 21 that pays 3 for 2 on all your wagers. Your success at Player’s Edge 21 is likely to be divided by your greed, so be careful.

With soft 18 I’d likely hit several times against a 2, 3, 7, 8 and try to get the “21” bonus. Against a 4, 5, 6 up-card, it’s always good to double down. Perhaps more than once.

With soft 19 I would stand except against an up-card of 10 or ace when I already had six cards. Then I would take one more.

Use surrender only against a dealer Ace and only when you have hard 16 (even a pair of 8’s), or hard 17. Surrender costs you half your wager, but it’s right in these cases!

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