Please/Spin Spin The Dogs

Please/Spin Spin The Dogs

This latest instalment in Upset The Rhythm’s commendable split LP series might just be their best yet, because, largely,

neither side brings the other down. On one is Please – a London trio of tight jammers who take their lead from skewed 70s

psych prog and manage to make two minutes feel like two hours on the skippy, repetitive ‘Clothes’.

The other side is home to the eccentric clunk-punk of Spin Spin The Dogs, who sing about jumbo jets and massive

hands in a semi-moronic tone that could well be a joke. Apart from ‘Stupid’ (which is just that as it falls apart on its toy keyboard for 55 seconds),

it remains good fun. Of course, you will need to choose a favourite side though, and the sensible will probably go for Please’s,

Please/Spin Spin The Dogs thanks to the Wild West menace of ‘Harrow And Wealdstone’ and the almost pop ‘Pass The Apple’. It’s close, mind

Kev explains, the fraternities are the majors, the cash-counting labels and the advertisers, and the chapter sweethearts are the bands,

Please/Spin Spin The Dogs the pretty faces being marketed and shown off for profit. “Bands seem to be getting big now because they can be used to sell stuff,” says Kev.

“Whether that’s why they’re writing their music or not.” It’s about the exploitation of bands; when Chapter Sweetheart started out, they only wanted to play gigs for free,

but found that quite difficult and now try to stick to gigs that put the door tax towards a charity or another good cause.

“When we started, when we got into all these DC bands, that’s what they were trying to do,” says Kev.

“They were putting on free shows or putting the money back into better things.”

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