Pony Hoax

By the end of ‘The Bird is On Fire’, track two of ‘Images of
Sigrid’, you could be ready to label

Poni Hoax as Interpol chancers that have heard of Joy Division like so many others.

But, just as the slow murmuring of singer Nicholas Ker becomes predictable, ‘Pretty Tall Girls’ strikes and the record takes a turn for the

Stand out single ‘Antibodies’ begs for feet to be stamped and strutted, while the catchy riffs and uber-camp group chanting on ‘You’re Gonna Miss
My Love’ Hoax

are reminiscent of Franz’s ‘This Fire’, making it clear why Alex Kapranos chose the French group to open their recent London show.

But all this continual jumping between musical genres really shows that, while unpredictability can be fun, it can also be bloody frustrating

“After that film Control came out – and this has nothing to do
with us by the way, ha ha – I saw this kind of flux of people
that I’d known from previous bands, that were making new rave
before and Libertines ‘indie,

indie’ music before that, always changing and changing and
changing. And in a way I, not them,

could have been accused of doing that… But I realise now that if you do that you’ll be chasing your tail for a long time.

I’m not saying run away from it and don’t conform, I’m just saying it’s good to 1. not take yourself too seriously because you never know where the
hell you’re going to go and 2.

punk thing,” adds Harry “ and it was really rock-y and punk-y as
opposed to a more electronic, kind of 80s chorus-y sound.”

Though the band do acknowledge the influence of a
whole bunch of post-punk artists,

they also name check Lee Hazelwood, Donna Summer and
Heaven 17 and are keen to define themselves as writers of pop,
working to make something tuneful.

“When you really think about it,” says Tobi “we are
kind of melodic, more thoughtout pop with just the edge of
our influences.

We listen to music and we’re not influenced by the sound so much as the art
form, the way it’s made. We are trying to mould something that’s slightly special.”

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