People need other people if they are to develop their potential and relish the process.

Seven young women in 1885 discovered this through the perceptive guidance of a professor who seemed to recognize their needs before they did.

The Fraternity created by those seven bold women and one progressive man has survived for over 125 years.

That fact alone earns Alpha Chi Omega the right to have her story preserved. In fact, there are many reasons to share the vibrant stories that, woven together, create a tapestry of bright colors and varied textures called Alpha Chi Omega.

The women who comprise Alpha Chi Omega, past and present, are examples of the tenacity, flexibility and ability essential for women to succeed. When Alpha Chi Omega was founded, women could not vote in the United States.

Few were privileged to pursue a higher education. Not many worked outside the home.

In order to understand Alpha Chi Omega today, I needed to find out how the Fraternity became what it is now.

That took time and effort. Very early on, Alpha Chi Omega’s leaders took action to preserve the history of the Fraternity.

They seemed to sense that the Fraternity’s development was noteworthy, and Alpha Chi Omega had lasting power.

Editions of The History of Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity were published in 1911, 1916, 1921, 1928, 1935, 1948, 1971 and 1985.

Each edition has some similarities and many differences. Five different people wrote those editions.

In developing this edition, I set out to capture the external issues and internal decisions that shaped the organization.

Future generations who read this edition need to understand all that has gone into making Alpha Chi Omega sustainable.

However, and without question, my primary goal has been to learn and tell the stories of the people who created, guided and influenced the Fraternity in the most significant ways.

In addition, there are stories of members who had important accomplishments beyond the Fraternity.

This edition is organized in multi-year segments, each designed to reflect accurately what happened during that time frame.

Previous editions started at the beginning and moved through to the publishing date. were made.

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