Stone Demos

She’s Hit Standing Stone Demos

To get your hands on ‘Standing Stone Demos’ you’re going to
have to go and see Glasgow psychobillies She’s Hit play
live, which pretty much means travelling to Scotland if you’re
not there already.

Regardless of the mileage involved it’d be worth it, as you’d come away
with four Cramp-ish, murderously perverse, surfy punk tracks that
slither the line of Rocky Horror Show and ‘Strange House’-era
Horrors in Lux Interior PVC pants. Stone Demos

They grave rob from Pink Floyd’s ‘Lucifer Sam’ one minute and order us to cut off our hands the next. Stone Demos

And it’s such a convincing homage to ghoulish punk we might just do it.

This time last year Earnest Weatherly Greene was just a 26-
year-old Georgian who grew up in the middle of an isolated peach
orchard. He was making lo-fi rock under the name Lee Weather, but
few people cared about that.

Stone Demos

Then he spent a summer concocting dreamy electronic
pop, which those apathetic sorts quickly labelled ‘chillwave’.
He’s spent the last ten months or so being sprayed with excited
blog juice and hanging out with other hazy hip types like Small
Black, so needless to say this UK debut EP is as widely welcome
as Greene was at this year’s SXSW, where he promptly made
most too soggy to tweet about the sun-dappled, euphoric time
they were having.

On paper, it should be right up our street. The reason it
isn’t is because ‘Life of Leisure’, while perfectly nice,
down-tempo easy listening, simply isn’t worth the hype.

If anything embodies the spirit of a magazine
first made on a home printer, it’s this naive, rattling
home demo of a song about being the big one nine.

An epic way to start side B, and exclusive to this release.

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