Stillness Isn’t The Move

Stillness Isn’t The Move

“I’m sorry, my sister’s making fun of me,” Angel Deradoorian laughs
down the phone.

The pair are somewhere in Texas,

en route to Albuquerque as part of Deradoorian’s second US tour of the year.

After that, they’ll head across the Atlantic for a few shows in Europe, but for now the siblings are giggling over

drive-thru coffee orders and the incessant chatter of a stubborn Sat nav.

“Right now, I’m kind of just floating around because I’ve been touring so much I don’t really live anywhere.

I was in Baltimore, before that I was in New York, and I’ve been living in LA for the past few years. I’ve been moving around quite a bit.”

Working from the road is something Angel has become increasingly accustomed to over recent months.

After taking a break from Dirty Projectors, Stillness Isn’t The Move releasing her debut album ‘Expanding Flower Planet’,

and stepping up to the fresh challenge of going solo, the transition from city slicker to transient troubadour seems to be working well for the Californian.

“It’s liberating now,” she says, “but in the process of doing it, Stillness Isn’t The Move it took a while to feel what it was going to be.

A lot of this process has been reaching for something that I wasn’t totally sure of how I was going to get it.

I’ve been reaching for an idea or a future self that I knew I would eventually get to but didn’t know how long it would take or how it would play out.”

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