The Impact on Our Sisters

The Impact on Our Sisters

While the last few months have been defined by uncertainty, one thing is for sure:

Every Alpha Chi Omega sister has a story to tell about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, from illnesses and deaths to disruptions of everyday life.

There’s no use pretending everything is OK, in our lives or in the pages of The Lyre. But there is also hope. And learning.

And the “notes of happiness, of joy, of peace.” The women of Alpha Chi Omega move through all these emotions – together as sisters.

With group gathering sizes being limited, many sisters were forced to cancel or reschedule events they had long looked forward to.

Natalie Mehringer (Iota Phi, Houston Baptist University) canceled her May wedding, only able to find a new date in July 2021.

Brittany Foster (Gamma Pi, University of Tampa) was also forced to postpone her wedding, adding, “We had been engaged for over five years, saving and planning.

It was heartbreaking.” Maria Brooks (Zeta Xi, University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

had to cancel her trip to visit her husband who is stationed in Italy, not knowing the next time they’ll be reunited.

Kaitlin Fuller (Iota Omega, Carthage College) gave birth to her son on March 2; he spent 29 days in the NICU, which eventually limited visitors to one.

“My husband could not see our son for two weeks before he came home,” she recalled after finally bringing him back to their house in April.

Many sisters were laid off as their businesses closed or sought to reduce payroll expenses, and on-campus jobs ended for collegians.

For those still with jobs, work looked drastically different.

Bailey Johnson (Delta Omicron, Portland State University) found herself donning masks and gloves to perform transactions as a bank teller.

Cheryl Jones Buxton (Gamma Xi, Western Michigan University)

transitioned her fourth grade teaching to an online format; recording video lessons,

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