Patron has selected five artists to profile for this year’s Best of the Arts installment.

Each approaching their individual art form in a unique way, the list is built on diversity including their multiple mediums and varied practices.

These Dallas and Fort Worth-based artists unabashedly abide by their own rules.

Included in this lineup are artist, lauren woods; artists, curators, and Dallas Biennial co-founders,

Jesse Morgan Barnett and Michael Mazurek; poet and activist, Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi; and curator and writer, Danielle Avram.

By learning more about their distinct practices, our hope is to expand the perceptions of the type of art community Dallas has and can be THE UNCONVENTIONAL.

 “Cinema is the most public art form. It’s accessible and because it’s ubiquitous, we all understand its language even if we can’t articulate it.”

Conceptual artist, lauren woods, is speaking about her approach to using cinema as a medium.

Woods has been active the last few years with a body of work that includes projects dealing with the political, art history,

THE UNCONVENTIONAL and buried historical truths. She uses the moving image to mine ideas of narrative she describes as “making (work) that’s more coded, more multi-layered.”

For A Dallas Drinking Fountain Project, located at the Dallas County Records Building in 2013, woods utilized a water fountain and employed a video news reel of 60’s Civil Rights marches featuring ordinary citizens.

Those attempting to use the fountain had to finish watching the video in order to make the fountain continue working.

 “It was about slowing someone’s pace in a day. You stop and the video comes round.

All these disparate people are gathered around the fountain and conversations build around that.”

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