Ukraine’s Path

Ukraine’s Path

What to expect?

through which the gambling operator shall conduct its business activity in the sphere of gambling

must be a Ukrainian legal entity, i.e.

organized and carrying out its activities in the territory of Ukraine under the laws of Ukraine

(provided that gambling organization and conduct is the key type of its business activity).

The majority of draft laws also provide for a requirement to the minimal amount

of charter capital of the gambling operators to be at the level of UAH 30,000,000 (GBP 962,735).

Ukraine’s Path Draft law 2285-4 also contains requirement to minimal charter capital of lottery organizers at the level of

Also, the majority of draft laws contain such common requirements: management and accounting manager must have no unexpunged or unserved

sentence for profitmotivated crimes or crimes in the sphere of business or official activities; accounting manager of the gambling operator must have higher economic

education and experience of work as accounting manager of at least 3 years; state and municipal bodies as well as self-government bodies cannot be participants of the gambling operator.

The requirement for the gambling operators to have Ukrainian legal entities with minimal charter

capital is aimed at better control over the industry from Ukrainian government standpoint.

At the same time, such requirement is burdensome and may make Ukrainian market less attractive for some of the participants of gambling market, especially for those,

Gambling activities to be legalized and respective licenses

It is also a trend that the number of licenses for each type of gambling activity will be limited by a fixed number.

Ukraine’s Path Currently the draft laws provide for absolutely different limits, varying from 20 to no limits for land based casinos;

from 10 licenses to no limits for betting and online casino; from 80 to unlimited number of betting shops; from 160 to unlimited number of slot machine halls

(or up to 40,000 slot machines without limitation of a number of slot machine halls as provided by draft law

.No. 2285-1); from 1 to 3 lotteries.

provide for the licensing of the activity related to supply of equipment and/or software to the gambling operators.

licenses are being granted to the applicants who are compliant with the requirements of the law by respective.

 authority on the basis of the documents provided by the applicant and the license fees are established by the law as a fixed amount

offline casino in most draft laws

Given the variability of the types of licenses, their quantity, price and procedure of issuance in different draft laws,

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