WariYah is back with Breaking Through

WariYah is back with Breaking Through

After a six-year hiatus from the UK gospel music scene, holy hip hop pioneer, WariYah, is back – older, wiser and with a new album entitled Breaking Through.

Produced by Ibe Otah, the album is filled with some hot tracks that WariYah, the former frontman for holy hip hop collective,

ZionNoiz, hopes will relay a message of positivity and upliftment to listeners.

Breaking Through encompasses various music styles, including rock, afrobeat and rap.

Speaking about his album, he stated, “I’m always looking to break down barriers.

My music challenges mindsets, but it will also entertain you.” Some of the tracks are already causing a stir,

WariYah is back with Breaking Through including one entitled ‘Sexy/Beautiful’, a song that opens with the line,

‘I’m a man and I appreciate the bum, breast and thighs…’ He also pays homage to his Ghanaian roots with the song, Gold Coast.

As well as re-acquainting WariYah with holy hip hop lovers from back in the day, Breaking

Through is set to re-introduce him to a new generation of music fans. One thing’s for sure: they are bound to love what they hear.

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